How to Humanize AI Written Content (To Pass AI Detection) (2023)

AI tools are a blessing when it comes to content volume. Content quality is another story.

Nobody wants to read something that they can tell was written by a bot (and Google doesn’t like it, either.)

Here are a few tips and tricks to make your AI-written content more human-like.

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Table of Contents

  • What Is AI-Generated Content?
  • How Does AI Content Help With Content Creation?
  • How to Tell If AI-Content Will Be Detected?
  • Why Does AI Generated Content Need to be Personalized?
  • Tips to Make AI Writing Undetectable
  • The Importance of Adding a Human Touch
  • A Note on Google and AI Content
  • Using Human Writers to Make AI Content Undetectable
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is AI-Generated Content?

How to Humanize AI Written Content (To Pass AI Detection) (3)AI-generated content is any content generated by artificial intelligence (aka machine learning.)

When referring to AI written content, this usually means blog posts, social media captions, email content, etc that are created by software that is capable of creating written work based on a few words or sentences.

AI writing assistants can help with every aspect of writing, including research, brainstorming, and grammar and tone checking. These tools use something called natural language processing (NLP) to analyze a given text and create entire articles or suggestions.

How Does AI Content Help With Content Creation?

AI content can offer a great way to increase the volume of content you put out and serve as a great jumping-off point to create more original content.

For niche site owners and those in the digital marketing space, AI content is a great way to augment your site with more content, but it is not a total replacement for organic content.

How to Tell If AI-Content Will Be Detected?

How to Humanize AI Written Content (To Pass AI Detection) (4)One of the biggest issues with AI content is that it technically goes against Google’s guidelines and could lead to SEO-related penalizations.

You can work around these guidelines by humanizing your content, but you don’t want to post your content before making sure it can’t be detected by the algorithms.

Luckily, there are options available that allow you to check all of your AI content to see if it’s detectable to these filters.

We recommend using an AI detection tool. There are plenty of free ones available, and some AI writers offer checkers as a part of their services.

Our favorite checker is the new Content at Scale AI detector. It gives you a “human content” score out of 100% so that you can see just how undetectable your content is. Besides having a free AI detector, Content at Scale can also be used to generate content that passes AI detection out of the box without any edits needed (learn more here).

Why Does AI Generated Content Need to be Personalized?

How to Humanize AI Written Content (To Pass AI Detection) (5)You need to personalize and humanize your AI-generated content to make it more appropriate to your site, fill in the gaps, fact-check, and make it more relatable to your target audience.

Let’s dive deeper into each of these reasons.

1. To Match the Voice of Your Site

AI generators lack one big thing: you.

If the primary function of your site is to post content, you’ve hopefully figured out a unique voice and tone that fits your brand.

Editing AI content to make it sound more like you allows it to blend in with the rest of your content, making it feel more natural.

2. AI Content Isn’t Perfect

Though AI writers have come a loooong way, they’re still far from being perfect.

Some of the biggest issues with AI written content are that it can get repetitive, it can provide some information without context, and just have a generally disorganized layout.

A quick edit can easily solve these problems.

3. To Add in Data/Fact-Check

Since AI generators can only pull information that’s already out there, they may pull from sources that have incorrect information.

Checking the statistics, percentages, and general information provided by AI-written content can prevent your site from spreading fake news.

4. To Make Content More SEO-Friendly

Many of the AI writers out there today are great at optimizing their work for SEO, but it’s important to double-check to make sure your AI content ranks higher.

5. For Audience Personalization and Better Conversation

AI-written content isn't exactly… warm.

Humanizing AI content can make it more personable and conversational, which any good marketer knows is the key to keeping an audience engaged.

That’s why many AI detection and paraphrasing tools, like, have the option to customize the type of writing and the audience for the content.

Why Does AI Content Need To Be Fact Checked & Edited?

AI writers do not fact-check and are guilty of repetition and grammatical errors.

As far as AI writers have come, they are limited in what information they draw from and cannot do any sort of fact-checking on anything. They can’t check to see if a site they scraped info from is reputable or trustworthy, and they don’t crosscheck or verify information with other sources.

They also are capable of hallucinating (not in a fun way, in a weird way, like if someone tried to write down a fever dream.) You may get jumbled, weird sentence fragments riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. Not great for content.

Looking over AI content and fixing these issues, as well as fact-checking any statistics it provides you with, are essential for creating sensical, accurate content.

Tips to Make AI Writing Undetectable

How to Humanize AI Written Content (To Pass AI Detection) (6)To humanize AI-generated content you need to add in the “human touch” by personalizing the content for your business and audience, cleaning up the fluff, and adding new human-generated ideas.

More specifically:

1. Use the Right Tools for the Job

To avoid having to do more work on the backend, use a high-quality AI writer in the first place.

An intuitive tool like Content at Scale is great at capturing the human voice and generating better AI content so that you can cut down on time editing the produced content.

Also, consider all-in-one detector and rewriter tools like Undetectable.Ai (review) and QuillBot (review).

2. Treat AI Content as a First Draft

Please don’t just copy and paste raw AI-generated content onto your site. We’re begging you.

AI content is a rough draft that provides a good jumping-off point but by no means should it be treated as finalized content. Always edit before posting.

3. Add in Human Generated Ideas

The thing about AI (which is also known as machine learning) is that it can only provide information that’s already available on the internet.

At least for now, AI writers can’t come up with original ideas or new concepts, so adding human insight can make AI content more… well, human.

Learn more about what to do with AI content once it's been generated, by checking out our list of the best AI writing courses.

4. Revise for Voice

The lack of empathy from AI writers can make the content sound robotic at times.

Adding in a few sentences and re-wording things here and there makes the written content more recognizable and relevant to your site.

5. Give Proper Context

When generating new AI content, you need to be specific in your instruction to the generator itself.

Giving important details like what topics you want to cover, what the goal of the article is, and what sort of voice you want the content to have can help the generator produce better results.

6. Clean Up Fluff

As we said, AI writers can create repetitive content that could be a bit fluffy.

Look at the content you’re given by your AI and trim the fat. This means cutting out extra sentences that don’t provide new information and making the content more concise.

7. Edit for Your Readers

AI doesn’t know your readers like you do.

Editing content to make it more understandable for your specific audience can make all the difference.

8. A/B Testing

Since AI writers are so new, everyone is still trying to figure out the right way to use them.

If you notice that your AI content just isn’t ranking as well as you want it to, take that into account and try a different approach the next time you create AI content.

This may mean giving the AI more thorough instruction, adjusting the target keywords, or editing the generated content differently.

9. Run It Through an AI Detector

Once you have your content all ready to go, run it through an AI detector before hitting “publish.”

If you get a low “human content” score, you may need to edit again. Though this sounds like an annoying extra step, it’s better than publishing crappy content that sounds like it was written by a robot and getting punished by Google.

Check out our list of favorite AI detectors.

The Importance of Adding a Human Touch

No matter how advanced the technology gets, AI writers lack humanity.

There is a unique voice that real human writers develop over time based on their life experiences and personality. Machines don’t have life experiences or personalities. While they are great at making content sound human-like, they don’t have a personality that can come through in their content.

Having a person tweak content and add a bit of their own voice into it makes the content interesting, compelling, and easier to read.

If nothing else, add a human touch to avoid penalization from Google’s algorithm.

A Note on Google and AI Content

How to Humanize AI Written Content (To Pass AI Detection) (7)Remember how we mentioned that thing about Google guidelines prohibiting AI content? Yeah, it’s a real thing.

Though they have never directly specified how they can detect AI-written content, they have threatened vague “punishments” for AI-written posts. They didn’t go into much detail on that either, but it’s always best to err on the side of caution.

Read more about that on our “Can Google Detect AI-Generated Content?” post.

Using Human Writers to Make AI Content Undetectable

How to Humanize AI Written Content (To Pass AI Detection) (8)If your content keeps getting flagged as AI, take a different approach.

Using a writing service is a great way to get real-life writers’ eyes on the content. They can edit it or even replace entire paragraphs with human-generated content that will make your AI content undetectable.

We recommend using a writing service to augment your content volume in general as well so that your site has a good mix of AI-generated and human-generated content.

Some pieces just need to be written by a real-life, human copywriter.

Our Pick for Humanization: Panda Copy

Our pick for humanization when it comes to AI writing is Panda Copy.

They provide an inexpensive option for unlimited articles for a monthly flat fee. You can get them to edit AI-written work, rewrite certain sections of AI-written content, and create entirely new content to add to your site alongside the AI writing.

The turnaround time is fast (within a day or two), and the content is always high-quality.

Read our full Panda Copy review to find out more.

Also, consider editing services, which will generally be cheaper than a full writing service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will AI-written content rank on Google?

If AI-written content is written well, it will rank on Google.

What are the best AI writing tools?

The best AI writing tools are Content at Scale and Jasper.

Will Google penalize for AI written content?

Yes, if Google can detect AI-written content, they will penalize the site.

Can AI create original content?

Yes, AI can create original content.

How does AI generate content?

AI generates content by using natural language processing (NLP) and drawing from various sources on the internet to write original pieces.

Will AI take over content writing?

No, AI will not take over all content writing.


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