Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber Of Connection [Puzzle Solution] (2023)

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Connection is one of the many meditation chambers in the game. These chambers contain platform puzzles as well as combat challenges. Chamber of Connection is one of the platforming puzzles and has a few rewards hidden behind these puzzles.

Before You Start: You must complete the Research Tanalorr quest to complete the puzzle.

Key Takeaways

  • Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Connection is one of the meditation chambers found in the game.
  • The chamber is located in Viscid Bog in Koboh, so you ought to complete the Search for Compass quest before heading here.
  • BD-01’s Grinder is necessary for the puzzle in the chamber of connection, so you must also complete the Research Tanalorr quest.
  • You should start from the mediation point in Viscid Bog, descend the zipline, and jump to the zipline below.
  • Once you reach the bottom, you will see a grapple sign. Use it and make your way inside the Chamber of Connection.
  • When you enter the chamber, you can see a door behind which you can get an energy ball that you must put in the amplifier at the start of the chamber.
  • Using the grinder ability to open up the two bramble walls to get a chest and a path to the second floor of the chamber.
  • From there, jump onto the platform in front with two pressure plates and connect the fire to the bramble next to the doors on the wall.
  • Get to the top of the chamber and jump to the right platform and open the shortcut and then connect the flame from there to the final bramble wall.
  • You can get the Recuperation perk by opening the final wall.
  • You can also find 4 data banks and 1 data disc by exploring the chamber of connection.

Requirements For Chamber Of Connection

The following are the requirements for the chamber of connection to find and complete the puzzle.

  • BD-1’s Koboh Grinder is a must for this chamber, as you cannot solve this puzzle without it. That is why Research Tanalorr is a must complete before the chamber of connection.
  • You should also complete Search For Compass quest before heading for the chamber. The quest takes place in Viscid Bog, where the Chamber of Connection is located. Hence, it is very convenient for us.

Location Of Chamber Of Connection

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber Of Connection [Puzzle Solution] (1)

As mentioned, the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Connection is in Viscid Bog. You start from the mediation point of Viscid Bog. Here you can see a zipline going down. Ride the zipline down, and you will see another zipline going perpendicular to the one you are riding.

Jump off the zipline and land on the zipline below. Ride this zipline to the end and move forward in the swamp. Once you are, you will see a grapple sign. Use it and go up to see the Chamber of Connection.

How To Solve The Chamber Of Connection Puzzle

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber Of Connection [Puzzle Solution] (2)

When you enter the chamber, you will see a door on the wall before you. There is a pressure plate right in front of the door. When you stand on the pressure plate, the door will open up, revealing an energy ball inside it. Use the force and get the ball outside and place the ball in the amplifier. This will release a laser on the wall. Here you must use BD-01’s Grinder to be able to solve the chamber of connection.

Floor 1

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber Of Connection [Puzzle Solution] (3)

On the right wall to the entrance, you can see 2 bramble points. These can be burned using the laser emitted by the amplifier. Use BD-01’s Grinder and connect the flame with these 2 points. The one close to the entrance is a path to the upper floor of the chamber of connection.

However, the other wall contains a chest with a Persistence Emitter inside it. Collect the chest and then head into the newly opened path. On the left, you can wall jump onto the second floor.

Floor 2

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber Of Connection [Puzzle Solution] (4)

From here you can see two pressure plates on the structure next to the wall in front of you. These pressure plates move the two doors on the walls. You need to use these doors and take the flame to the other side and burn the bramble wall.

  1. First, step on the left pressure plate and aim at the flame with the Grinder.
  2. Use the grinder and take the flame to the door and step off the plate.
  3. Once the door is in its original position, connect the flame to the second door on the right.
  4. Step on the right pressure plate and then connect the flames from there to the bramble wall on the right.
Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber Of Connection [Puzzle Solution] (5)

Once you have done that, go into the new entrance, and now you will reach the top of the chamber. Now you need to jump on the platform opposite from where we came to the top. There you can see a golden door and another structure. The top of the chamber of connection has another bramble wall, and here’s how you burn it.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber Of Connection [Puzzle Solution] (6)
  1. Open the golden door to unlock a shortcut which will then allow you to connect the flame to the upper floor.
  2. Jump down to the ball and start using the grinder and take the flame into the first bramble wall that was burnt.
  3. Go to the left up the stairs and be next to where you were earlier.
  4. Use the Force and take the ball from the amplifier and place it on the other structure to form a bridge to the top bramble wall.
  5. Take the flame and burn the bramble and now you can get the Recuperation perk.

Chamber Of Connection Collectibles

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber Of Connection [Puzzle Solution] (7)

If you have completed other meditation chambers, you know there are more than just perks and chests in these chambers. You can find echos, Data discs, and Databanks from these chambers. There are a total of 7 collectibles in the chamber of connection, including the chest and perk. Here’s how you can get the rest.

  1. The first Echo can be found as soon as you enter the chamber. Just go to the left wall behind the structure with the pressure plates on top, and you can find it there.
  2. There is one data disc that you can find in the chamber. When you are wall-jumping on the second floor after burning the first bramble wall, you can find the data disc in the corner.
  3. Before jumping onto the platform with the gold door, you can find a data bank on the right side of the final bramble wall.
  4. Once you are on the platform with the gold door, you can find another data bank next to the door itself.
  5. The final data bank can be found in the far left corner of the final room.


Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Connection is one of the meditation chambers you can find on Koboh, like the Chamber of Detachment and Chamber of Reason. It contains collectibles as well as a perk. You require BD-01’s Grinder so doing the Research Tanalorr quest is a necessity. You must also do the Search for Compass quest to be in Viscid Bog. The Chamber of Connection will give you 7 collectibles with a Perk, Data banks, and a data disc.

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How do you solve the Chamber of connection puzzle in Jedi Survivor? ›

How to Solve the Puzzle in the Chamber of Connection. As the name suggests, the Chamber of Connection is all about connecting different pieces of the puzzle. To solve it, players will need to light up the purple orb in the middle and use BD-1's Koboh Grinder ability to burn down the Chamber's obstacles.

How do you complete the Chamber of Connection puzzle? ›

Head to the orb at the pressure plate at the front of the room and stand on it. Doing this will reveal an orb. Grab the orb and move it to the coupler near the front of the room. This will create a laser from which you can use your Koboh Grinder to eliminate masses around the room.

How do you solve the first puzzle in Jedi Survivor? ›

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor puzzle solution
  1. Take the rope down into the lower part of the chamber.
  2. Grab the orb to your right and place it in the orb coupler ahead of you. ...
  3. Use your Force ability to knock a hole in the wall at the end of the path. ...
  4. Instead, temporarily place the second orb where you found the first orb.
May 9, 2023

How do I unlock the Chamber of connection? ›

How to get to the Chamber. In order to get to this chamber, you need to gain access to the Force Lift and Force Slam powers. Go to the Viscid Bog near the small hut, you'll find a pillar in the muck that you can lift out. Force Lift it out and quickly make your way to the Meditation Point before the pillar sinks.

Where is the treasure in the Chamber of Connection? ›

Chamber of Connection | Collectible Locations

Treasure: Datadisc – Go to the side hallway ramp that leads up to an (initially) locked door. From the top, wall-run to reach a high ledge with a treasure.

What is the largest whole number puzzle in Survivor? ›

He's a puzzle guy and smarter than he looks. Take two bones from the top and bottom of the first 0 and make a new 1 between the 8 and 0 to make the largest number 511810.

How do you solve the puzzle in Lego Star Wars? ›

Walk on each of the four corner tiles, careful not to step on any other tiles. While standing on the last corner tile, double jump on to the centermost tile. This will flip all the remaining tiles necessary to show the Rebel Alliance symbol.

How to do the witness puzzle? ›

In order to complete puzzles that feature these tiny black hexagon-shaped dots, the line you draw must intersect with each one along the way before reaching the end point. Think of it like connecting the dots! You must connect all the dots before reaching the end point for this to work.

How to do the second tomb puzzle in Jedi Fallen Order? ›

Return to the second floor of the tomb

Clear out any enemies, and then find a rope to pull over on the left side of this floor — over by where the pushable block dropped. Pull the rope and lock it into the socket on the left. Press the button to make sure the power is on to the pulling wall.

What is the answer to the one with the force puzzle? ›

One With the Force Aurebesh Puzzle Solution

Using the closest English symbols, the answer should be: Aurebesh Puzzle Solution: V-A-7-K.

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Players only need to travel to the Uscru District and join the Corellian Cantina once it is accessible. It is on the northern edge of the city's lower section. To get access to the terminal and obtain the password, players must play as a Protocol Droid such as C-3PO or E-3PO.


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